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Getting Started with the Portal


This document gives a short overview of the Outpost24 Portal UI interface.


This quick start guide is the first step on getting started with the Outpost24 Portal and gives a quick overview of the Outpost24 Portal graphical interface.


To run scans in Outpost24 Portal, the reader needs basic access to an OUTSCAN/HIAB or Appsec account.


Make sure that the private IP range is not used in your environment, since this is used to communicate with a restricted container on the scanner. Having targets in this range while using the side scripts feature may cause issues while scanning them.


There are several ways to login to the Outpost24 Portal UI:

  • From OUTSCAN
  • From a HIAB
  • or directly to the Outpost24 Portal 


  • To launch the OUTSCAN application, open a browser and navigate to
  • To connect to a HIAB, open a browser and enter the assigned network address https://your-appliance-ip.

    Use HTTPS protocol.

    Login OUTSCAN

  1. Log in using your credentials.
  2. To access the Outpost24 common Portal , go to Main Menu > Portal.


Open a browser and navigate to

The Portal is only reachable via HTTPS.

Enter your credentials and click on the blue arrow button to log in.


To log out from the Portal, click the Logout icon in the upper right corner of the window.

The logout window is displayed. 

Log out

Click on the red LOGOUT button to log out from the Portal,


When selecting an item in a table, a toolbar is displayed at the bottom of the screen showing the available tools for that specific view.

The tools vary between different views and tables.

The tools can also be accessed by right clicking on an item which provides an menu for that specific item.


By hovering with the cursor over a tooltip, a popup is displayed.

List of Icons


Show Column
Hide Column

Check/Uncheck the checkbox to view/hide the column in the table.


This displays the Filter and Settings panel.


Restores the search phrase and lists all of the columns unfiltered.

Clear Filter

Clears all of the filters applied to the table.

Filter Counter

The badge display the number of filters that are applied to the table.

Multi-level sorting

Multi-level Sorting

The badge display the number of sorting levels based on the columns.


Save the preferred settings.

Log Out


Log out from the Portal.


Displays the Account view where you can access a list of available subscriptions as well as a list of licenses of third-party software that is embedded into the platform.

The letter in the account box varies depending on the name of the account.

Add Credentials

Add Credentials

Add a new credentials to your account.


New, ADD, Plus

Add new function such as filters, applications, groups and so on.

Export, Generate Report

Export report to another format, for example PDF, XML, or Excel.

Group Tree

Group Tree

Displays the group tree toolbar.

Scan Now

Scan Now

Start a scan immediately.



Download a generated report.


Delete the selected item.



Update the associated function.


Unmasks credential for readability.
Start/Stop watching findingToggles the watching on/off in the context menu in the Findings view.

Watching/Not Watching

Toggles the watching on/off in the watched column in the Findings view.
Read/Unread NotificationsToggles the Notification between read and Unread.

All Downloads

All Downloads

Displays the list of generated reports and blueprints, that you can download.



Refresh the display.

Download URLs

Download a list of URLs.


Click to upload a report.

Table View

Table View

View Templates

In reports: Displays all details of a report. 

In filter panel: Display View Template list.

Request Verification

Request Verification

Request verification of the finding.

Change Risk

Change Risk

Change the risk level of the finding.

Accept Risk

Accept Risk

Mark finding as an accepted risk.

Mark as fixed

Mark as Fixed

Change the status of finding to fixed.

Unmark as fixed

Unmark as Fixed

Change the status of finding to not fixed.

Unaccept Risk

Unaccept Risk

Remove the accepted flag from the finding.

Mark as False Positive

Mark as False Positive

Mark finding as a false positive.

Unmark as False Positive

Unmark as False Positive

Remove the false positive flag from the finding.

Mark as Exception

Mark as Exception

Sets the compliance finding as exception (accepted risk) till the desired date. 

Unmark as Exception

Unmark as Exception

Resets the compliance finding to its original status.



Quick information about the function.

Batch Edit

Batch Edit

Edit multiple entries at once.

Submit for Scoping

Submit for Scoping

Submit entries for SWAT/Snapshot/Assure scoping.

Stop Scan

Stop Scan

Ends the selected scan.

Edit TagsManage tags for an object.

Update External TagThe Update external tags function adds all custom attributes of Agent asset identifiers as tags on the asset, except MAC attribute.

Configure Asset

Configure Asset

Creates a default configuration for the selected asset. 

Download Blueprint

Download Blueprint

Generates a Blueprint if available. 

Assign Role

Assign a role to a user.

Assign Resource Group

Assign Resource Group

Assign a resource group to a user.

Merging Assets Identifiers

Merging Assets Identifiers

Merge asset identifiers to an asset.

Splitting Assets

Splitting Assets

Split assets into new assets.

Edit Environment CVSS Vector

Edit Environment CVSS VectorEdits Environment CVSS Vector.

View related findingsOpens a view over findings linked to the selected asset.

NotificationsOpens a view with the notification sent by the Event Notification function.

Main Menu

The Main Menu is located in the column on the left side of the screen.

 The available views in the Portal main menu are:

At the bottom of the toolbar there is a Netsec entry that links to the NetSec UI.

On the top right side of the toolbar:

  • Notification
  • All downloads
  • Logout
  • Accounts

The letters in the Account box varies depending on the name of the account.

Loading took: At the bottom of the frame there is an indication of the time taken by the server to return the list of items visible inside the table, the timing is updated when filtering or vertically scrolling inside the table.

Refresh the page by clicking on the Getting Started with the Portal#Refresh icon down to the left.



See Notificationsand Notification Settings for more information


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