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View Templates


The View Templates view list all available view templates. You can also create new View Templates and edit them. 


It is assumed that the reader has basic access to the OUTSCAN/HIAB account.

View Templates

View Templates

The Configurations view lists all configurations. 

To customize the view,

  1. Click on the Filter icon to see the available columns and filtering options. See Common Settings, for more information. 
  2. Add desired columns by clicking on the Show/Hide Column icon.

Add a View Template

To add a view template:

  1. Click on green Plus (plus) icon in the lower right corner.
  2. Fill in descriptive name of view template, for example "High risks"
  3. Select the type of view template to create. The type is equivalent to the view that it can be found in. See Common Settings Panel - View Template for more details.
  4. Add tags if applicable by right clicking on the created template and click the Edit tags icon in the menu. For more info see Identity and Access Management (IAM) and Tags.

Only types that can be selected when creating view templates in UI are the ones that can be previewed. For adding more view template types consult API documentation.

Edit a View Template

Select the view template you want to edit by clicking on it. Only name and tags can be changed once a view template is created.

Built-in view template can only be assigned tags. No other properties can be changed.

To save view template attributes such as visible columns, columns' width, order, sorting and applied filters visit the view of the type of view template as described in (Common+Settings+Panel) or click on Preview button in the edit section

Preview View Template

To preview view template:

  1. Select the view template you want to preview by clicking on it.
  2. Click on Preview button.

Preview is only available for view templates that have corresponding view available in UI.

When using a template the activated template is displayed high lighted at bottom left of the footer of the table.


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