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Licensing Consumption


This document provides users with an overview of license consumption.


The Consumption view shows all consumption data within a specific time frame, always starting from the beginning of the month and ending at midnight in UTC on the last day of the month. Since consumption is automatically calculated. New consumption entries are automatically added at the start of each new month. Recalculation of consumption occurs every day between 01:00 and 02:00 AM UTC.

View structure

The view consists of two sections: the main table on the left and the details view or the option to view consumption details on the right. In the consumption table, multiple consumption's are listed, and by clicking on one of them, its specific details in conjunction with defined subscriptions can be viewed.

The consumption is aggregated by calendar month and are displayed as number of scans as well as number of distinct assets scanned during the period.

Consumption is grouped into

  • Cloud
  • Compliance
  • Docker Image
  • Netsec
  • Network
  • Outscan NX
  • PCI
  • Scale

and cover both internal and external scans on both assets and appliances which can be viewed by selecting the respective columns in the filters view.

Outscan NX

Outscan NX assets is an aggregation of:

  • Cloudsec assets (only for non-appliance)
  • Network assets
  • Docker image assets

Scan and asset counters are divided into those scheduled in OUTSCAN and those scheduled on a HIAB, where those scheduled on a HIAB have appliance in their name.

The consumption is aggregated by calendar month and a scan running across the boundary between months is counted to the month the scan ended in. All periods are defined in UTC timezone.

Visualization breakdown

The title of the metric indicates the group of metrics defined or consumed within that category.

The Metric column displays all metrics that match the specific category of metrics.

Consumption lists the quantity of items consumed within the selected consumption period.

Overage refers to the number of licenses that exceed the allowed subscription count.

Percent of total indicates how much of a subscription has been consumed in that particular month. It is based on the limit defined in the subscription. When no limit is defined, it will appear as N/A. Once consumption exceeds the limit defined for a subscription, an overage counter will appear, and the percentage of total will be capped at 100%.

The appliance does not have subscription details available, so clicking on a row is not interactive.


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