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Converting Normal with Webapp Scans (Netsec) to Portal Workflows


This document describes how to convert/translate Scan Schedules which uses Scan Policies with Web app setting from classic Netsec environment to the new Workflow in Portal.


This is a brief guide to translate classic Netsec Scans Schedules that include Discovery and Scanning with Normal + Web app Scan Policy into to Portal Workflows.
In the Netsec classic, this set up is done in separate scan schedules and places that can require a clarification to transfer it to the Portal workflow. The web app setting in Netsec classic is managed in two different places, Scanning Policy > Webapp tab where the web app is enabled and the Scan scheduling > Scan settings tab where it the can be selected as a Scan policy.
This has been simplified in the Portal workflow where it can be set up in one place under General Settings.


Netsec license and access to Scan Scheduling and Target Management 

Translate the Scan Policy webapp setting from Netsec to Workflows in Portal.

Scan Schedules from the Netsec UI which uses a Scan Policy that includes a webapp setting, can be converted into Portal with the help of Workflows.

This settings corresponds to the following settings in Workflow.

Fore example: The classic Netsec Scanning policy set to Web app and the Scan mode to Discovery/Scan would correspond to Portal Workflow settings like Network discovery, Network host assessment, and Application assessment set in Workflow.

For more information about Workflows in Portal see Workflows document.


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