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Syslog (HIAB only)


This document provides set up information on the Syslog integration on HIAB.


HIAB can pass logs and findings via Syslog events, which work with virtually any other security solution in the market, custom implementation of this with a wide range of SIEMs and event correlations systems among our existing MSSPs and partners already. For example: ArcSight.

Set Up Syslog

To set up Syslog:

  1. Go to Menu > Settings > Integrations.
  2. Select the Syslog tab.

     Integrations Settings - Syslog

  3. Provide the below information to use Syslog:

    HostProvide the hostname.
    PortProvide the port that Syslog is using to communicate.

    Choose a facility code from the drop-down menu.


    Facility code is used to specify the type of program that is logging the message.

    PrefixEnter any word that you want to add as a prefix for each line.
    ProtocolSelect one of the protocols from the drop-down menu.
    Send audit logCheck this box to receive audit log.
    ArcsightClick on this field to use the ArcSight format.
    TLSClick on this field to encrypt data. Use secure transport layer.
    CertificateUpload the certificate for the Syslog server. Only needed if TLS is enabled.
    Certificate uploadedDisplays if any certificate has been uploaded.
    StatusClick on this button to check the network connectivity.
    SaveClick on this button to save your current settings.


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