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Download Agents


This document describes the downloading procedure for agents in the portal.


The Outpost24 Agent is primarily designed for mobile employees who are rarely office based, but still requires vulnerability scanning of their assets. When working remotely, often via a VPN, it is not possible to run a remote vulnerability scan of these assets as it can have a serious impact on network performance. Using the Outpost24 Agent, makes it possible to get these results, with no impact on network capacity and is designed to run an equivalent of an authenticated network scan, giving details of missing patches, updates, and hotfixes for both OS and common business software. The Outpost24 Agent can be downloaded based on Operating System from the Portal, under Account > Download > Agents.



To download agents the user needs to have agents enabled in OUTSCAN.

Technical Preview

Technical Preview

This is a technical preview of a feature that is currently under development. This feature is hidden behind a feature flag.

Download the Agent

To download the agent:

  1. Click the Account button in the upper right corner.
  2. Select the Download card.
  3. Select the Agents tab.
  4. Select Platform, choose between Windows, Linux, or macOS
  5. Select Architecture
  6. Select Package format depending on architecture.
  7. When all the selection are done, click the blue Download button o start the download.
  8. Check your download folder for the installation file. The filename format follows the selection you made like o24-agent-<version>.<platform>.<architecture>.<package>
    For example, for Windows it can look like this


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