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Getting Started with CORE


This document describes how to get started with the Outpost24 CORE interface.


The CORE is a way to centralize the data from all of our scanners such as NetSec, AppSec, and CloudSec in to one view and also providing a powerful tool to drill down in the data to help identify vulnerabilities in key systems.


To view the results in Outpost24 CORE, the user needs an exclusive license for CORE along with Netsec, Farsight and/or Appsec licenses.

List of Icons



Takes you to the default home view.


The Explore Menu lets you navigate to:

  • AppStaks
  • Asset Groups
  • Assets
  • Findings


Report configuration

See CORE Reporting for more information.


Configuration menu.


Identity and Access Management.

See CORE IAM for more information.


Account menu which contains:

  • Dark theme
  • Licenses
  • Logout

Dark theme

Switches between Light and Dark theme.


Direct you to the Third-party licenses page in the portal.

The Third-party licenses page is a list of licenses of third-party software that is embedded into the platform.


The Logout button displays a logout window.


Displays the various filter options Appstak, Assets, and Findings.

See CORE Filters for more information.


Opens an edit function for the selected object.


Delete selected object.

Trend toggle

Toggles the Dashboard to show trends in each card.

See Trends in CORE Dashboard document.

Trend Time Duration

The drop down menu to the right of the trend toggle switch sets the time duration of the trends shown in the dashboard.

Reset Columns

Resets the number of column shown and the order in which they are shown.

Top Menu

The top menu lets you navigate between the AppStaks tab and Assets tab. To the far right you find the Notifications, the Account menu which contains the Dark theme toggle switch, Licenses and the Logout icon.

AppStaks Tab

AppStaks is groupings of Assets in a way that makes business sense. AppStaks are grouped in to four categories Enterprise, E-commerce, Finance, Accounting, and Uncategorized.

For more information, see CORE AppStaks document.

Assets Tab

Assets are unique hosts provided by the scanners or added automatically while creating a configuration. An asset can also be linked to a group of configurations. One asset can have multiple configurations that are scheduled and scanned independently.

These assets are uniquely defined based on their IP or hostname. Their risk profile in form of top recommended solutions and risk charting provide a quick way of assessing the criticality of an asset, its association with other assets and already performed scans.

For more information, see CORE Assets document.

Account Menu

To the right of the Notification icon is the Account icon which reveals the Account Menu that contains Dark theme, Licenses, and Logout.

Dark Theme

Under the Logout icon is the Dark theme icon which allows you to select between a light or dark background.


At the bottom of the menu you find the icon that link you to the Third-party licenses page in the portal. The Third-party licenses page is a list of licenses of third-party software that is embedded into the platform.


In the menu you find the Logout button. Clicking it displays a logout window where you can select to cancel or logout.

Unified View Logout

Logging out from the CORE will also log you out from the Portal.

Left Menu

The left side menu lets you navigate between the Dashboard, Explore,  Reporting, Configure, and the IAM services.


The Dashboard consists of several cards that describes various views of the findings.

Refer to CORE Dashboard document for more information.


The Explore menu lets you navigate through the various tables. 

  • AppStak - the AppStaks Tab. See CORE AppStaks to learn more about AppStaks.
  • Asset Groups - See CORE Asset Groups to learn more about Assets.
  • Assets - the Assets Tab. See CORE Assets to learn more about Assets.
  • Findings - the Assets findings. See CORE Findings to learn more about Findings.


The Reporting icon takes you to the Report Configuration view where you can configure AppStaks and Assets reports.

Refer to Creating CORE Reports document for more information.


The Configure icon takes you to the AppStak configuration page where you can create AppStaks, and the Categories configuration page where you can create Categories.

Refer to CORE AppStaks and CORE Configure Categories document for more information.

Identity Access Management

Identity Access Management (IAM) is a service that control access to resources. IAM is used to control who is authenticated (signed in) and authorized (has permissions) to use resources.

Refer to CORE IAM document for more information.


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