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CORE Asset Groups


This document describes how Asset Groups are configured in Configure > AppStaks in CORE.


Asset Groups is imported from Web Applications and Instances in the SWAT platform. It contains of one or more assets grouped together in a way that makes sense within the organization.

Asset group risk is calculated as an average risk grade of the associated assets within the asset group, just like the AppStak risk.

Listing Available Asset Groups

Asset groups are created in Web Application.  See Asset Groups for more information.

To list all the Asset Groups:

  1. Navigate to Explore > Asset Groups in the left hand side navigation menu. All the Asset Groups are presented with a summary window to the right presenting the Overall Risk for the listed groups.

Activating an Asset Group provides Details for that specific group in a card on the right hand side. The Details view provide information about the Aggregated risk, Name, number of Assets in the group, number of Findings of the assets in the group, and if the asset group is part of an AppStak.

Asset Groups Details

Clicking on the number of Assets redirects you to a list of the assets in the group.

Clicking on the number of Findings provides a list of findings, filtered to display only the findings related to the assets in the group.

The Exists in n AppStaks link at the bottom of the Details window informs you about the number of AppStaks that the Asset Group is part of.

Clicking the link displays a list of the AppStaks the group is part of.

Adding Assets Group to AppStak

  1. Go to  Configure > AppStaks in the left side Menu.

    Configure Appstaks

  2. Open an AppStak.

    Edit Appstak

  3. Click + Add Rule.
  4. Select Asset Group.
  5. Select an Attribute.

    Appstak Rules

    Select from Name, Host Name, Network, Provider, and Tags.
  6. Add a Value to filter the Asset Groups.


    Values support regular expressions.

    .*-instance will match all asset groups ending with "instance".

  7. Click Save.

Multiple filters can be added by clicking the + Add Filter and will follow a Boolean AND logic so that all need to be true for the rule to apply.

Removing a filter is done by clicking the bin icon to right of the Attribute box.

To remove the rule with all the filters, click the red Delete Rule button.

Asset Groups also inherits tags from AppStaks.


Several Asset groups can be selected in the table and provides an aggregated risk in right hand card.


Asset Group NameThe name of the Asset Group
UUIDThe unique identifier of the Asset Group
TagsAny associated tags assigned to the Asset Group


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