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Agent Latest Version


This document describes how to verify if the deployed Agents are of the latest version.


The Manage Targets view support a Agent Last Version column which shows a boolean Yes or No when an O24 agent is installed on the target and respectively matches or does not match the latest available agent version.

Getting Started

There are two ways of launching your applications.

  • From OUTSCAN
  • From a HIAB


To launch the OUTSCAN application, navigate to


Use HTTPS protocol.


Log in using your credentials.


To connect to a HIAB, use the assigned network address.


Use HTTPS protocol.

Login HIAB

Log in using your credentials.

Agent Latest Version Information


New versions of agents are notified through the Release Notes and can be downloaded from the Main Menu  > Support > Agent Installers tab.

To see the latest version of your deployed agents in the Netsec classic UI:

  1. Navigate to Main Menu > Netsec > Manage Targets.

  2. Open Columns menu by clicking on the down arrow in any of the columns headings and select Agent Last Version and Agent Version.

  3. The last version is presented by a boolean Yes/No statement.

    As the first and second agent does not have a Agent ID then they are not regarded as the last agent version. Only the last agent has a Agent ID and is considered as the Last Agent Version.

  4. Filtering is done by selecting Filters in the Agent Last Version and setting it to Yes or No.

Agents in Portal

To see the versions of your deployed agents in the Portal UI, go to Portal > Assets > Agents where Agents highlighted in green match the latest version.

Checking the Agent Version

To check the the version of the installed agent:


  1. Open Control Panel.
  2. Click on Programs.
  3. Click Program and Features and search for agent.

You can also open a PowerShell command as administrator and run the following command:

'C:\Program Files (x86)\Outpost24\Agent\agent.exe' --version


Login to your Linux system with an account having admin privileges or being able to elevate privileges and become root and run the following command:

sudo o24-agent --version


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