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Agent Licensing


This document describes how to know the number of license that are being consumed by agents.


When adding agent it is easy to loose track of how many Agents has been registered, and how many have been actively scanned, which will have an impact on the licensing.

Getting Started

There are two ways of launching your applications.

  • From OUTSCAN
  • From a HIAB


To launch the OUTSCAN application, navigate to


Use HTTPS protocol.


Log in using your credentials.


To connect to a HIAB, use the assigned network address.


Use HTTPS protocol.

Login HIAB

Log in using your credentials.

Agent Licensing Information

To see the number of licenses being consumed:

  1. Navigate to Main Menu > Settings > Account.

  2. Click on the License tab.

    In the Agent Information area, the number of Registered, Scanned and Outdated agents are displayed.

    Agent registeredShows the number of registration agents.
    Agent scannedShows the number of scanned agents.
    Agent outdatedShows how many assets are running an outdated Agent version, indicating the number of Agents need updating.


An agent is considered as any other scan and therefor licensed as such. An agent that performs a scan will require one (1) license from your license pool. When an asset is also being scanned from an external scanner it also will require a license. If an agent AND a external scanner both scans the same asset, it will require two (2) licenses as it is seen as two (2) different assets.


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