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Report Library


This document describes the Report Library function in the Common Portal.


The report library lets you upload and store previously created reports

Report Library


The Tags column lists available tags. Selecting a tag in the list by checking the box, filters the reports grouping the reports to only show reports containing the selected tag.

Table or Grid View

Two views are available. Use the icons in the upper right corner to toggle between table or grid view.

Grid View

Table View

The Columns can be configured in several ways. Columns can be added and removed and the order in which they are displayed can be changed.

Selecting Columns

By clicking on the filter bar next to the main menu, a column menu is displayed where columns can be selected and deselected to configure the view.

The content in the column menu may change depending on which view it is opened in.

Changing Column Width

All the columns are configurable in width by dragging the dotted area on the right side of the column head.

Changing Column Presentation

By dragging the dotted area on bottom of the column head, the order in which the columns are presented can be changed.

Multi Select

You can select several rows by checking multiple boxes at a time. This enables you to use the tools from the blue tool bar beneath the table on all the selected rows simultaneously.

For example, to use the tagging tool on three rows at once, select the rows an click the Edit Tag icon and fill in the tag name. The three selected will get the same tag.

The toolbar varies between different views. For example, the Asset toolbar contains different tools then the toolbar in the findings view.

Date Picker

Each column containing a date have a date picker where dates can be set to filter the column accordingly.

Download Reports

To download a report:

  1. Click on the download icon in the upper right corner of an report or in the action column.
  2. Locate the report in the designated download folder.

Upload New Managed Report

To upload a managed report:

  1. Click the green Upload button in the lower right corner.
  2. Click on the blue Select Files bar.

  3. Select a file containing a report in the File upload table and click the Open button.


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