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Assign Tasks


This document describes how to assign tasks to users.


Assign Task lets you assign a user to mitigate findings. Priority can be set, where P5 is highest by default. The task can be customized in the ticket system to include a due date, add an assignee, and supply additional comments.

There are two types of ticketing systems.

  • Internal 
  • External 

The Internal refers to the default ticketing system which is used in OUTSCAN/HIAB. External systems can be configured in Main Menu > Settings > Integrations tab. For more information see Netsec Integration

Assigning a Task

To assign a task:

  1. Go to Main Menu > Netsec > Reporting Tools.
  2. Select a group in Target Group.
  3. In the Findings tab, right click on the target and select Assign Task.
  4. The Assign Task window is displayed.

    Assign Task

  5. Select if the Ticket Type is:
    • Selected Findings
    • All Findings on Target
    • All Listed Findings
  6. Select Ticket System.
  7. Set the Priority of the task.
  8. Set the Due Date or amount of days before the process is due.
  9. Select the Assignee who will be in charge of the process.
  10. Leave a Comment to that user in charge.
  11. Choose if you want to Include vulnerability details in email or not.
  12. Click Save.

Once saved, the user receives an email notifying them with the task.


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