SymptomPossible CauseTest/Remedy
New sensor is not connecting to Pulse.

Sensor has not been registered.Register sensor locally.
Sensor does not have an outbound connection.Check outbound connections by running px-connection-dr script*
Sensor has not been approved in Pulse.Approve sensor in Pulse.
An existing sensor is no longer connecting to Pulse.Sensor has lost power.Check sensor power.
Sensor no longer has outbound connectivity.Check outbound connections by running px-connection-dr script*.

Cycle power to sensor by turning sensor off for 30 seconds and turning back on.
An expected alert is not triggering.Alert is not properly set.Check alert settings.
Alert is not enabled or subscribed.Ensure alert is enabled and has been subscribed.
Device is out of range.For wired devices, ensure the appropriate subnet can be seen by the sensor.

For wireless devices, ensure that the device is within range of the sensor.

OpenVAS Scan not showing expected vulnerabilitiesScan Task not configured properlyCheck scan configuration to ensure it is set to scan the correct subnets.
Network configuration issueEnsure target networks can be seen on network by sensor.
Scan traffic being blockedEnsure proper exclusions set on firewall/IDS solution.
Scan not completeAllow more time to complete scan.

* For instructions on checking outbound connectivity on a sensor, refer to the Pulse and Sensor Quick Start Guide.

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