1. Use SSH and login to the sensor with the pwnie user account.
  2. Type sudo su and press Enter, then re-type the password to become superuser.
  3. Next, type rm /opt/pwnix/chef/latest-version-id and press Enter to remove a file indicative of the last update performed.
  4. Next, type rm /opt/pwnix/chef/installed-version-id and press Enter to allow the sensor to attempt updates again within 24 hours of the last update. Note this file may not exist.
  5. Now, type px-system-update and allow the sensor to update itself.


    Do not interfere with the sensor until it is finished and you are returned to the # prompt. Please know it may take the sensor as long as 45 minutes to update.

  6. After returned to the # prompt and to be sure the sensor is fully up-to-date, repeat steps 4 and 5. This second update will likely take much less time, often less than five minutes.
  7. When finished and returned to the # prompt, you should be all set to continue with the use of the sensor.


    To validate a sensor is up-to-date, type cat /etc/motd and press Enter, then review the banner displayed specifically looking at the Pwnix Release. Next, review the History of Pwnix Releases.