This document describes how to configure a Data Sovereign(DS) Agent on a HIAB scheduler Portal. 


This set up allows the scheduler to communicate with the agent server/object storage. While distributing scans to scanners, the settings will be sent as well.

The standard Agent reports its information back to OUTSCAN, regardless where in the world that endpoint is located. If it has an Internet connection, it will report back its vulnerability information. Sometimes there are regulatory requirements stipulation that all data must stay within the confines of their environment. The DSAgent resolves this by ensuring that the Agent communicates back to an Endpoint in the customers infrastructure.


Configure your DSAgent server, see Data Sovereign Agents - Deployment for more information.

Steps to Configure a DSAgent on Portal

  1. Log in to the HIAB Scheduler. 
  2. Go to Main Menu, click on Portal.
  3. Click on Account icon located in the top right corner. It opens the below window.


  4. Add a DSAgent configuration
    Click on Integrations.


    At the moment, only one agent integration and one object storage integration can be configured on your HIAB Scheduler. 

    To add your first integration, click the Plus button located at the bottom right of the window. It opens the Add integration popup window with two options in the drop-down menu. 

    1. Object Storage: Provide the details of the object storage server here and click ADD.

      Add Integration Object Storage

      NameProvide a name for your object storage configuration. 
      URIProvide the URL to the object storage.
      Access KeyProvide your object storage server access key.
      Secret KeyProvide your object storage server secret key.
    2. Agent: Provide the details of your DSAgent server here and click ADD.

      Add Integration Agent

      NameProvide a name of your DSAgent server configuration.
      URIProvide the URL to your DSAgent service.
    3. After adding both details, the Plus button is disabled. 


  5. Edit an existing DSAgent configuration
    1. Click on a specific configuration to edit. 
    2. You can add tags here.
    3. Update the details that need to be changed and click UPDATE.
  6. To Delete an existing Configuration, click on that specific row and click on the Delete icon located at the bottom right.

Testing the Configuration

Download and install your Agent package from the HIAB Scheduler linked to your DSAgent. 


It is not required to update your DSAgent on the HIAB portal every time there is a change. However if you update, add or remove the agent integration you need to restart the HIAB for the changes to take full effect.


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