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Release Notes October 2019

Release Date: 2019-10-29

Version: G4.8-2.0

New Features


  • Added Schedules table view
  • Added Configurations tab to the Assets side view
  • Added possibility to add and remove tags in the side view

Vulnerability Detection

  • Added detection for VMware horizon client for windows
  • Created compliance policy for CIS Debian Linux 8 Benchmark v2.0.1
  • Added Exim detection over ssh_commands
  • Rewritten running-kernel ssh-commands to be POSIX sh compatible


With the September release we have launched a Beta for our Appsec discovery platform, Scout. Scout has been designed to provide organizations with a simple way to discover both known and unknown applications which are available on the internet. We are focusing on a limited invitation only beta test.  Should you wish to be considered, contact Support for further information.

In preparation for the launch of Scout, the Appsec menu item is now visible for all users. To use any of the Appsec functionalities, customers need to either have Scout enabled on their account, OR, have a valid Appsec license.  Contact your account manager for Appsec licenses.

Bug Fixes and Minor Improvements


  • Fixed an issue with RFC compliance for LUA scripts
  • Fixed Scale scan including a selenium authentication does not crawl all expected URLs
  • Fixed login form authentication does not work
  • Fixed detection of jQuery version in Scale
  • Fixed SIDE authentication failure
  • Fixed write on OWASP 2017 field


  • Fixed leaving files owned by root in the scan folder
  • Fixed Linux scanning issues with SELinux and groups
  • Enhanced error messages in scan job report failure
  • Fixed issues with offline updates
  • Fixed Platform detected as Microsoft Windows for Oracle Linux machine
  • Fixed missed installed products - VMware Horizon Client

Vulnerability and Compliance

  • Fixed Audit policy fetched wrong data
  • Fixed Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) encrypted zone detection
  • Fixed bug in Amazon Linux v2.1.0
  • Fixed faulty regex in multiple compliance policies.
  • Added jQuery pattern
  • Fixed false negative VMware Horizon for Windows

End of Life Announcement


We have delayed the deprecation of the SWAT Classic UI for a further three (3) months.  We now anticipate this to be removed during the January 2020 release.


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