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Release Notes May 2021

Release Date: 2021-05-25


New Features

AppSec Scout

  • We are pleased to announce that the MVP of the AppSec Scout visualizations has been added to the Portal as follows.
  • Added a number of visualizations linked to Scout discovery data under the Asset tab.  Note these views will not appear without having the Scout data imported.  These views include - Attack surface score,  the 7 web application elements we use to build the  Attack surface score, and their individual scores,  a spider chart showing the distribution of risk across these 7 elements.  A screenshot of the application itself and the topmost detected components and their overall Farsight risk.  To have these added a customer is required to import data from the Scout tool which is currently an additional service offered by Outpost24.  For more information on this please speak to your account manager in the first instance.
  • As part of the Scout 'vision' to become a CMDB for applications, we have added documentation on how to utilize the flexible tagging system built into the portal to support the concept of assigning ownership, function, location etc to each of your assets in the Portal Asset view.  Please review the documentation in the knowledge base.

Bug Fixes and Minor Improvements


  • Due to an unexpected issue, we have taken the unusual measure of removing Swat analytics from the Portal.  We will announce when this can be reenable for customers.


  • Add detection of IBM Integrated Management Module (IMM) v2.
  • Fixed a rare bug with Agents that would prevent a stopped scan resuming if certain folders were already present on the host.
  • Improved detection for Microsoft Exchange to prevent reporting other exchange services e.g. 'Microsoft Exchange Web Services Managed API' as Microsoft Exchange.
  • Fixed a bug relating to the agents API that would cause them to fail during scanning.
  • Fixed the detection for Internet Explorer that would, on occasion, cause it to be detected despite it no longer being present on the target.


  • Fixed an issue that would lead to an Out of memory error when requesting a large volume of data via the outscan-findings end point.

End of Life Announcement

  • There are no current End of life Announcements in effect.


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