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Release Notes June 2021

Release Date: 2021-06-22


New Features


  • Netsec now supports Daylight Saving Time
  • Added CIS Policy for Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Benchmark v1.0.1

New detection

  • Added detection of CVE-2021-21551 (Dell Driver Local Privilege Escalation Vulnerability)
  • Added detection of CVE-2021-30747 (M1RACLES Apple M1 CPU Vulnerability)
  • Added unsafe, unauthenticated detection of CVE-2021-31166


      • Agent Server
        • DS Agent support for Self-Signed certificates for Object Storage
      • Win
        • previous version: 1.9.11
        • current version: 1.10.0
          • Linux
              • previous version: 1.9.11
              • current version: 1.10.0
                • Mac
                    • version: 1.9.9
                    • no changes


                    • We are pleased to announce that Farsight is now available in the Portal for Appsec and Cloudsec CVE based findings. Information on the likelihood score, the likelihood delta, and threat activity can be found on a new exploit tab as well as being available to view and filter in columns in the findings view.  During the month of July, this functionality will be available to all of our existing Farsight customers who also have Appsec Scale or Cloudsec Inspect licenses to preview and provide feedback.  After July we will restrict access to only those customers who purchase a specific Appsec or Cloudsec Farsight subscription.

                    Unified View Beta

                    • We are pleased to announce the new Unified View (beta). Unified View will become a new product on top of the existing product portfolio. Unified View is the illustration of our Full Stack vision by aggregating and consolidating findings across the different products and focusing on business risk. It precludes the new UI design that will be the foundation of the upcoming Unified UI across all products. The goal of the Beta is to get feedback from customers and partners, therefore please contact your sales representative in order to have a demo.

                    Bug Fixes and Minor Improvements

                    • Improved fallback of Selenium authentication 
                    • Improved ServiceNow import capability
                    • Resolved bug with agent server when creating tenants
                    • Fixed restriction with target visibility
                    • Fixed load customers by MSSP accounts
                    • Fixed issue of report generated between different users
                    • Improved SAML integration by including Signature KeyInfo in SAML AuthnRequest
                    • Fixed error with discovery scan when using BPF filters
                    • Improved detection of DNS Zone Transfer vulnerabilities
                    • Improved version detection of AngularJS
                    • Improved detection of .NET 4.8
                    • Improved rule generation of Ubuntu 21.04
                    • Improved detection of BIND backporting
                    • Improved detection of IBM IMM v2
                    • Improved detection of macOS
                    • Several internal performance and maintainability improvements of the scanner
                    • Resolved bugs where Exchange Server would be detected despite not being present
                    • Resolved bug where Safari version on macOS wouldn't be fetched correctly
                    • Resolved bug where TLS encapsulated HTTP on port 80 wouldn't be properly scanned


                    • Fixed CIS Azure 2.16 check

                    End of Life Announcement

                    • Official End of Life date:
                    • Official End of Support date:


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