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Release Notes July 2019

Release Date: 2019-07-23

Version: G4.7-1.0

The following material is proprietary to Outpost24. This material may not be disclosed in any manner to anyone other than the addressee and employees or authorized representatives of Outpost24.

Important Notice

As our business grows, and with more customers joining us, it has been necessary to grow our infrastructure accordingly to ensure we can continue to offer an ever-improving level of service to our customers.

To meet these needs, it has been necessary to extend the IP range from which scanning may originate.

The additional IPv4 range from which scans may originate is:

This is in addition to our existing network range of:




These IP ranges are exclusive to Outpost24, and any IPS whitelisting for PCI ASV scans should include these new ranges.

This information is also available in the Support > Resources section of OUTSCAN.

This release has been focussed on improving both OUTSCAN and HIAB secure communication channels.

New Features


  • Added the ability to stop any running Scale scans.
  • Simplified the process for disabling scheduled Scale scans.

Vulnerability Detection


  • Added detection for Powershell Core.
  • Added detection for Atlassian Crowd.
  • Improved Visual Studio detection.
  • Improved BlueKeep detection script.


  • Improved Apache Tomcat detection.

Bug Fixes and Minor Improvements


  • Increased the timeout for backups.
  • Fixed an issue with terms and conditions appearing everytime a HIAB appliance is rebooted.
  • Fixed an issue where dynamic groups could not be created on a data range.
  • Fixed an issue where audit log entries for exporting reports were incorrectly formatted.
  • Fixed an issue which could impact the download of XML reports from HIAB appliances.

End of Life Announcement

Appsec Swat UI EOL

The SWAT Classic UI will continue to be available for an additional three months before it will be deprecated. Currently we expect this to happen in September 2019.


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