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Release Notes January 2019

Release Notes: 2019-01-30

Version: G4.2-1.0

Important Notice

As our business grows, and with more customers joining us, it has been necessary to grow our infrastructure accordingly to ensure we can continue to offer an ever-improving level of service to our customers.

To meet these needs, it has been necessary to extend the IP range from which scanning may originate.

The additional IPv4 range from which scans may originate is:

This is in # addition to our existing network range of:

# IPv4:

# IPv6: 2001:67c:1084::/48

These IP ranges are exclusive to Outpost24, and any IPS whitelisting for PCI ASV scans should include these new ranges.

This information will also be available in the 'Support > Guides > Outpost24 network scanning range' area of Outscan.

Upcoming Netsec performance improvement change

In our February release, as part of the ongoing performance improvements to Netsec (Outscan/Hiab) we will be removing information about which scanner was used from the findings in the report tool by default. Customers who wish to continue to see this information should re-enable the column in the targets panel.

RESTFul API (Beta)

Outpost24 are happy to announce the release of the RESTFul API. As we deliver new functionality and products, these will be built using this API. At this time, we want to inform our customers that the RESTFul API is still considered to be in BETA and therefore may change with each release. Customers are urged to use it with caution until it is announced as in General Availability (GA). Documentation for the API Can be found here:

End of Life Announcements

Elastic Detector (ED)

Elastic Detector assessment features will be merged into Outscan and HIAB products. We are now formally announcing both the end of life and end of support dates for Elastic Detector.

  • Official End of Life date: 31th December 2018
  • Official End of Support date: 30th June 2019

We recommend all remaining Elastic Detector customers to contact their account managers to discuss upgrading to Outscan and HIAB as soon as possible and no longer than the formal end of life date.

Legacy syslog Implementation

The current syslog implementation is undergoing a number of changes to correctly follow the necessary RFC's (RFC5424 & RFC3164). We are formally announcing the end of life of the current syslog implementation. The current implementation will still be active until this time.

- Official End of Life date: 25th September 2018
- Official End of Support date: 26th February 2019

Appsec Scale UI & Swat UI

The Scale Classic UI has now been removed from the Outscan Portal. The SWAT Classic UI will continue to be available for an additional three months before it will be deprecated. Currently we expect this to happen in April 2019

New Features

Appsec Scale / SWAT / Snapshot

  • As per previous End of life notices we have now deprecated the classic Appsec Scale. To use Appsec Scale customers should now select the Appsec UI from the Outscan menu. We have also updated the Appsec Scale user documentation to reflect the new UI
  • The default columns displayed in the Appsec UI have been reorganised to help organisations better understand their application threat landscape

Outscan & HIAB

  • Target Scanning has been renamed to 'Netsec' in line with Outpost24's solution family naming convention.


  • Scanning Cloudfront is now supported using EWP


  • Added compliance policy for Amazon Linux 2
  • Added compliance policy for Docker Community Edition
  • Added compliance policy for Kubernetes
  • Added CIS-approved Distribution Independent Linux v1.1.0 policy
  • Added CIS-approved Windows 7 v3.1.0 policy
  • Added CIS-approved Apache HTTP Server 2.2 v3.5.0 policy
  • Added CIS-approved Windows Server 2008R2 v3.1.0 policy

Vulnerability Detection

  • Added detection for Docker capabilities
  • Improved Squid detection
  • Improved pfSense detection
  • Improved DNS detection
  • Improved SOCKS Proxy detection
  • Resolved bug where syslog would be mis detected
  • Resolved bug where PHP on certain Ubuntu versions wouldn't detect
  • Resolved bug where CA ARCServe Backup version would display incorrectly
  • Resolved rare bug where certain scans could time out

Bug Fixes and Minor Improvements

  • Changed the user: logged in event to user : logged activity to reflect that both successes and failures are recorded
  • Improvements to the filtering capabilities of the Cloudsec UI have been made
  • Further improvements to the upgrade functionality on HIAB have been made
  • Fixed an issue where an updated scanner does not fetch new rules if no update is available
  • Moved HADOOP detection from Cloudsec to Netsec
  • Resolved issue with updating Scale on HIAB
  • Fixed an issue were EWP could unexpectedly crash due to a memory leak
  • Fixed an issue with EWP were using the Google Cloud platform connector could result in failed connections
  • General improvements and bug fixes to the Appsec UI
  • General improvements and bug fixes to the Outscan portal
  • General improvements and bug fixes to the Cloudsec UI
  • Documentation for Scale has been updated to reflect the new Appsec UI


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