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Release Notes December 2019

Release Date: 2019-12-17

Version: G4.11.0.1 

This is mainly a bug fix release with some minor improvements.

Fixes and Minor Improvements


  • Several improvements on agents, working towards beta release


  • Added SQL injection detection for stacked queries
  • Scale: Animated scan progress bar as well as automatic updates on the status of the scan (running, failed, finished)
  • Scale: Automatically reload scans when any scans are running
  • It is now possible to set tags on accounts in the Credentials section
  • Tags are now populated on:
    • Scans (inherited from configurations)
    • Matches (inherited from asset identifiers)
    • Services (inherited from asset identifiers)
    • Credentials (inherited from accounts)
    • Findings (inherited from asset identifiers)
    • Compliance findings (inherited from asset identifiers)


  • Improved CIS Azure benchmark 1.0.0 (1.1.0 in progress)


  • Consumption metrics for MSSPs


We are announcing the deprecation of the following endpoints:

GET /comments/{commentId}>GET /findings/{findingId}/comments/{commentId}
DELETE /comments/{commentId}>DELETE /findings/{findingId}/comments/{commentId}
GET /comments>GET /findings/{findingId}/comments
POST /comments>POST /findings/{findingId}/comments
PATCH /comments/{commentId}>PATCH /findings/{findingId}/comments/{commentId}
HEAD /comments> (will be removed completely, there is no corresponding endpoint)

End of Life Announcement


We have delayed the deprecation of the SWAT Classic UI indefinitely. We strongly recommend our customers to make use of the APPSEC UI for the majority of their activities as we are no longer actively developing the Swat Classic UI. Once we have a firm deprecation date, we will provide a three month notification of the End of life.


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