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Extend HIAB Disk Space on Azure


This document describes how to extend the disk of a running HIAB on Azure.


Extending the disk of a running HIAB on Azure can be achieved with the following steps:

  1. Shutdown HIAB virtual machine.
  2. Extend the HIAB disk space.
  3. Start HIAB virtual machine.

To update the disk size of your HIAB virtual machine, you need to access the Azure portal. 

Shutdown HIAB Virtual Machine

Follow the below procedure to shut down the HIAB virtual machine. 

  1. Open the HIAB virtual machine, and go to Serial Console menu.

    Serial Console

  2. Type m to view the Maintenance options. 
  3. Type s to shut down the virtual machine.

    Shut Down

  4. Type yes and press enter to confirm.
  5. Once the HIAB is shutdown, the virtual machine's status moves from Running to Stopped in your Virtual machines inventory.

    Virtual Machines

  6. Click on Stop to detach the resources and then be able to access the disk and change its size.


    The status of HIAB is updated to Stopped (deallocated)

    Stopped (deallocated)

  7. You can now proceed with the following step and access the HIAB disk.

Extend HIAB Disk Space

To extend the disk of the HIAB virtual machine, open the HIAB virtual machine.

  1. Go to the Disks menu.


  2. Click on the HIAB managed disk to open a panel where you can extend the disk size as per your requirement.

    HIAB Managed Disk

  3. Click Save to apply the changes.

Start HIAB Virtual Machine

Follow the below procedure to start the HIAB virtual machine.

  1. Open Virtual machines menu. 

    Virtual machines

  2. Select the HIAB virtual machine and press the Start button.


  3. The status of the HIAB virtual machine is changed to Running



    The IP address can change if you are using a public IP address or an IP address set by DHCP. It is therefore recommended to set a static IP address.


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