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Chapter 11: Reports


To view reports, open the Reports tab in the Pulse web application.

Device Risk Scorecard

The Device Risk Scorecard provides a real-time evaluation of occurrences of threats in your distributed global enterprise, as measured across four security domains:

  • Wireless Infrastructure Configuration
  • Client Connection Behaviors
  • Network Host Configuration
  • Shadow IT & Rogue Devices

This report gives you a snapshot of risk areas within your organization, and provides recommendations to mitigate those risks. The scorecard can be viewed through Pulse, or printed using the print icon.

The report offers multiple scoring scales, both letters (like a traditional report card) as well as a 1 to 10 scale.

Device Risk Scorecard

Use the Grade Style drop-down list to change the scoring scale.
Headlines display the most impactful reasons for your scores in any given week. From the headlines, you can navigate directly to the list of assets that generated a specific threat, and begin conducting remediation steps from there.

The scorecard also provides insight into the business risk associated with each finding—it reflects your organization’s susceptibility to data breach, critical network outage and compliance violation. Select Detailed from the Report Style drop-down list.

The Scorecard detailed view supplies additional information that describes not only what led to a particular grade, but also the implications and risks associated with each threat.

Scorecard detailed view

Using the menu at the top, you can jump into any section to get more information about the score. If any finding puts the organization at risk of a compliance infraction, Pulse also identifies the security framework and component that is violated.

For each risk, the criteria is classified according to a defined risk metric, such as an access point running Anomalous Encryption.

For each identified risk, click a grade to display more details about the risk, including:

  • Description of the risk and its implications
  • The type of risk and the security standards it violates
  • Remediation recommendations

Additionally, Pulse automatically generates daily reports that include trending, detail, and summary data for threats and devices detected in by the sensors during the previous day.

Daily report

To view a daily report, select View to open that report.

You can also export the summary report or full report by clicking Print Summary Report or Print Full Report.


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